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Information For Groups Using the Facilities

Twin Peaks will furnish: + Read More

1. A representative to be available at camp for the maintenance of the power plant, equipment and any other minor repair work needed during camp.
2. Propane gas for the generator, stoves, refrigerators, etc.
3. Electricity by means of the camp generator, 24 hours a day.
4. Trash and garbage pickup as contained in trash cans provided. (The group using the camp must collect the garbage and trash into these containers outside of the buildings.)
5. Hot and cold water to all showers and kitchen. (summer only)
6. Recreation equipment – ping-pong table and net, golf clubs, volleyball poles and net, etc. (Charges will be assessed for lost, broken or damaged equipment).
7. Brooms and dust pans for clean up.
8. Pots, pans and other kitchen equipment.
9. Snack shop with refrigerator and freezer.
10. Piano in dining hall and chapel.
11. An American flag and a Christian flag which is available for use during each week of camp as long as proper rules concerning the flags are observed.
12. A current Colorado State Child Care license for camps.
13. A key to the cabins for the director of the week.

The Group using the camp shall provide: + Read More

1. Staff to operate the camp program.
2. Sufficient counselor to maintain order and keep testimony for the Lord. Ages 8-10; 8 to 1 camper to counselor ratio; ages 11-13; 10-1; 14 and up; 12 to 1.
3. Food and kitchen help to prepare it and to serve campers (except when arrangements are made with Twin Peaks Staff ahead of time).
4. Trash bags and cleaning supplies for use in the kitchen and the cabins.
5. A health supervisor such as a doctor, RN, LPN, or EMT. Credentials must be available. (Need a copy for camp’s files.)
6. Each camper and staff person must have a written physical at camp with them. (TPBC must have copy of each physical to stay in our permanent files.)
7. Recreation equipment – ping-pong balls, golf balls, volleyballs and whatever else needed.
8. All paper goods including tissue paper for outhouses and restrooms.
9. Meals for camp representative.
10. Proof of camper insurance to release Twin Peaks of any liability in case of injury.

Cabin availability: + Read More

1. All cabins are available to use with the exception of the Sheppard and Thomas (Meeker) cabins which will house the camp representatives.
2. No equipment shall be moved or removed from any building without the permission of the camp rep and then it shall be returned before leaving camp.
3. Van Dam, Cochran, Ward, McCarrol and Morrish cabins shall be used for staff and families as much as possible.
4. The cabin marked Infirmary will house health personnel.
5. The camp rep shall be informed of the location of all staff and campers so he may contact them in case of emergency.
6. There are also four RV sites with water and electricity. Check for availability first.

Clean up and inspection: + Read More

1. A walk-thru inspection will be taken at beginning and end of each week with the director of the group present and the camp rep of Twin Peaks, in order to check for cleanliness and breakage.
2. All cabins and buildings must be left clean for the following week of camp (Instructions are posted in each building).
3. Breakage other than normal wear must be repaired or paid for by group- occupying the grounds of Twin Peaks.
4. Outhouses and restrooms must be mopped and sterilized (toilet seats clean).
5. Outside grounds must be left free of trash and paper.
6. Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted and cleaned. (please leave the doors open after cleaning them.)

Miscellaneous rules and guidelines: + Read More

1. Be sure all campers know where the camp boundaries are and do not allow them on private property surrounding camp.
2. Have at least one fire drill a week and know evacuation routes.
3. Report all problems with facilities to camp rep.
4. No supplies shall be brought into camp before the day camp begins and all supplies must be removed on the day camp ends.
5. No pets shall be brought to camp while camp is in session.
6. Medical examination records for each camper and staff must be available at camp. (Need copy of each left at camp permanently.)
7. Registration information for each camper and parental release forms for emergency treatment must be on file at camp.
8. All records of injuries, sickness and treatment given to campers and staff must be kept by the health person in written form in the log books provided (a separate log book must be used, one for staff and another for campers). Any injuries that may require hospitalization or a physician;s care must be reported to the State within 48 hours. See Camp rep for the proper forms.
9. Medication shall be given only by written order or prescription for each specific camper. Follow the Twin Peaks “Standing Orders” for injuries or sickness..also give only nonprescription medicine recommended by Twin Peaks Camp doctor. (The list is on the medicine cabinet door.)..all medicines must be locked up and collect all medicines from campers and give out as prescribed.
10. There must be written parental authorization for all off-campsite trips.
11. A list of all staff must be on hand along with their ages, training, and experience.
12. Emergency telephone numbers must be available for each staff person.
13. The daily schedule for camp activities shall be posted.
14. The daily menu for the camp shall be posted in the kitchen and kept on file.
15. If there is an out-of-camp trip, a written itinerary shall be left with the camp director and available for emergency purposes
16. An accurate system for knowing the location for each camper at all times must be employed.
17. Parents should have a list of activities before camp to give them opportunity to indicate to camp staff if they do not wish their child to participate in an activity.
18. All Vehicles are to be parked in the parking area and are not to leave graveled roads without talking to TPBC staff first.
19. Your group must follow all written policies of Twin Peaks. A copy of these policies will be sent to you. If you have questions or want to be exempt from one or more of these rules, please contact the Camp Director prior to the dates that are reserved. Thank you and may God bless your time at Twin Peaks Bible Camp.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact us.