Camp Rates & Fees

Twin Peaks Bible Camp is a missionary based non-profit camp. Camp rates are designed to cover only expenses of operation such as: lodging, meals, regular camp insurance (as required by the State of Colorado), speakers, electricity, etc. Our permanent staff work as missionaries supported by churches and individuals while volunteer staff give the great gift of donating their time without pay for the further meant of God’s kingdom.

Standard Rate | $185*

Early Registration** : Save $15

If you register at least two weeks before camp by sending in your registration form with your $40.00 (non-refundable) deposit fee you will receive $15.00 off your camper’s week of camp.

Family Rates: Save $5

Your first camper is the full price of $185. Deduct $5 for each subsequent camper from your family (the early registration discount can be combined with the family rate). Example: 2nd camper- $180 3rd- $175, 4th- $170 etc.

Free Week of Camp

A free week of camp is awarded to a camper that brings four campers who did not attend camp last year.

If for any reason you have concerns about paying for camp or for someone else being able to pay for camp, please contact us for other opportunities and scholarships from our faithful partners and churches. We do not want any camper to be kept from camp and experiencing God’s love beause of money.

*Current rates and fees reflect the 2017 camping season and are subject to change. The $185 rate includes the $40.00 deposit fee.

**In order to receive the early registration discount your registration form must be postmarked two weeks prior to the start of the campers week of camp and the $40.00 deposit fee must be included with the registration forms. Health forms are not required for the early registration discount and can be received by the camp nurse on the first day of the campers week of camp.