About Summer Camp

Our staff at Twin Peaks Bible Camp considers it a rich privilege and a serious responsibility to have your child with us in our camping program. Competent counselors and staff are carefully selected and supervised to provide a positive contribution to each camper. We accept the trust you place in us with a commitment to provide each camper with an experience that will be significant for years to come.

Utmost care is taken to protect the health of your child. A nurse is on hand at all times, and a doctor is nearby in case of emergencies or illness. We are licensed by the State of Colorado and take great pride in meeting each requirement set by the State. Camp is open to all regardless of race, color, national origin, age, or handicap. Please inform us of any special needs that may require our attention.


7:00am | Morning Wake Up Bell Rings
7:45am | Flag Raising

Every morning the campers and staff will gather around the flag pole to pledge allegiance to the American flag, the Christian flag, and pray to bless the day and breakfast.

8:00am | Breakfast
8:45am | Morning Chores

Each cabin is assigned a different chore for each day to keep the grounds and facilities looking great. After breakfast is a chance for the campers to complete their daily chore and make sure their cabins are clean to earn the most point in the Merit Contest.

9:00am | Morning Chapel
11:00am | Morning Activity Time

After morning chapel the craft cabin opens for the campers to create something memorable during their free time. They also have some scheduled games against other cabins to participate in the Sports Contest.

12:15pm | Lunch and Mail Call
12:45pm | Rest Hour
1:45pm | Free Time and Afternoon Games Begin

After lunch and some time of rest in their cabins, the campers have more free time and scheduled games. During the afternoon free time the snack cabin, the craft cabin, and the archery range is open for the campers to enjoy.

5:00pm | Dinner
6:30pm | Surprise Hour

A surprise activity is planned for every evening after dinner- the activity can range from capture the flag, relay races, scavenger hunts or a range of other games.

8:00pm | Evening Chapel
9:30pm | Cabin Devotions

After evening chapel, all the campers gather back with their cabins and counselors and take some time to get ready for bed and read from God’s Word together.

10:00pm | Bed Time – Lights Out