Bathhouse Construction Begins!

After planning, praying and hoping for about six years we were finally able to see the beginning of new construction towards the bathroom facility. The board approved hiring an engineer who specializes in septic systems. He was very kind in that he charged us $2000 less that he normally does. We talked with him for two months and then had a set of plans. After the summer camping season we submitted the plans to the county and in a week we had a permit. For a month we worked on making contact and coordinating the schedules with the general contractor and the excavator who were donating their time and equipment. The project was completed and inspected in a three week period. During that time we also ran three retreats, two of which were rental groups.

The septic system involved running two separate septic lines that flow downhill to the septic tanks that are located where the swing set used to be. The lines have stem outs for existing cabins and future buildings, first and foremost being the bathroom facility. The lines flow into both a 1500 gallon and a 2000 gallon septic tank. Those tanks flow into a 1500 gallon tank that has a pump which pumps the septic uphill to ball field where the leech field is. The leech field has 250 infiltrators which are in 10 trenches, each trench having 25 infiltrators and each trench then is a 100 feet long. The reason that we had to design the system this way is because of the topography of the land and the new systems location in relation to existing systems and buildings.

While the equipment was in we also ran new waterline on that side of camp especially because we were going to have to cross the water lines with the septic lines. The old 3/4 inch line in places had three different types of pipe connected to each other. We replaced the old line with two inch “pure core” water line which is a much higher grade pipe. We again made stem outs for future buildings putting about 1200 feet of pipe in ground. With the trenches open we also laid electrical conduit for the future replacement of electrical lines as well as new lines for future building as we are still praying for full time electricity sometime in the future. This was important since the current lines are not protected in conduit and even after having the current lines located before digging, the town of Collbran did this for free for us using their locator device, we had to have 13 splice repairs. The pump for the new septic system also required the we run a new electrical line so we laid conduit for it as well. Altogether, we put about 900 feet of conduit in the ground.

We are extremely grateful to the men that helped us accomplish this project as they donated their time, equipment and talent. One of the exiting things about the general contractor and the excavator is that their sons who worked with them on the project are former campers. The electrician who helped us has children that are currently young campers that attend summer camp and his wife was one of our counselors this year. Please pray that God will continue to bless all of these men and their businesses. We are also grateful to all of you who gave towards this project.

Now that the infrastructure is in place, we can begin to build buildings. As soon as we have funds we will begin building the bathroom facility. Currently, we have about $12,000 and will need close to $40,000. After that, we are planning to replace the Levine Cabin with a new 20 bed camper cabin that will also be able to be used by two families. The Levine Cabin’s foundation and floor are cracking severely and its logs are rotting. We are excited to watch the Lord provide as we think about the campers to which we will be able to minister. If you wish to give towards the building projects please attach a note with you check.